Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lesson for the day, and the first boards get their glue

For some, Measure twice, cut once is enough. Not me. I obviously have special needs when it comes to woodworking. I have my own saying. It doesn't fit on a t-shirt quite so well, but is more accurate for my own personal "way of working" (read "failings").

1. Plan your layout
2. Mark your layout in pencil on the board
3. Check your layout
4. Double check your layout against adjoining pieces to make sure it makes sense
5. Mark your layout more clearly (marking knife, mortise gauge and/or heavier pencil line, whatever your preferred means)
6. Check your layout one last time
7. Make your cuts

Don't ask me how I've come up with this. It's not a pretty tale.

But I have managed to solve the problems from last night by creating a new end block by cutting the semi-circle on each half-block first, then glueing them together. That kept me up until after midnight last night.

This morning I affixed the collar for the vise screw into the end block with small bolts. I drilled shallow holes with a center bit to fit the small washer and nut so the bolt is below the surface of the end block.

With the whole vise setup worked out I went on to cut the groove under the first board in which the sliding deadman will slide.

After a petite detour (see lesson above) and another chance to show off my mortise chisel work, I finally got everything ready and fettled before lunch.

I had lunch, and then I went up and actually glued some boards together!!! I glued up boards 1-4 which have the most fiddly bits with the wagon vise, and the gap for the planing stop. Phew! That's a relief!

I'm now going next door where my neighbor is having a St. Paddy's day open house party. I will try and resist drinking much as I want to get back in an hour or so and finish glueing up the rest. That should not be terribly difficult, just a matter of juggling glue and fast working.

Later, after all of the top is glued up, I'll take a break and post the pictures I've taken so far.


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